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HR Services

At Effective Workplace Solutions, we offer comprehensive services tailored to meet your HR and employment law needs. Our dedicated team stands by your side, providing representation in the Fair Work Commission for cases like unfair dismissals and general protections claims. Whether you require assistance in negotiating or cancelling enterprise agreements, we've got you covered. Specialising in the prevention and management of workplace bullying and harassment claims, we ensure a safe and respectful work environment. Our generalist advice spans from employment contracts to award interpretation, rooted in deep knowledge and experience. When faced with inappropriate allegations, our team conducts independent and impartial workplace investigations with care. Trust us for crafting effective policies and delivering comprehensive human resources support. Your workplace success is our priority.

Industrial Relations

Navigating the intricacies of industrial relations is crucial for workplace harmony. Our expert consultants at Effective Workplace Solutions ensure seamless compliance and resolution strategies for a productive and positive work environment.

HR Consulting

Elevate your workplace with strategic HR consulting. We offer tailored solutions to enhance efficiency, compliance, and employee satisfaction, ensuring your business thrives.

Workplace Investigations

If there is an inappropriate allegation in your workplace, we conduct independent and impartial investigations with care. Our expertise ensures the workplace investigation complies with the law.

Employment Contracts

Crafting solid foundations for your workforce, we meticulously prepare employment contracts. Our expert touch ensures clarity, compliance, and a seamless employer-employee relationship from day one.


At Effective Workplace Solutions, we expertly mediate to resolve employment disputes amicably. Our seasoned HR and employment law consultants foster collaborative resolutions, ensuring a harmonious work environment for all.

Union Liaison

Discover seamless collaboration with unions through Effective Workplace Solutions. Our expertise fosters productive dialogue, fostering collaboration and preventing potential disruptions.

Enterprise Agreements & Bargaining

At Effective Workplace Solutions, we expertly guide organizations through the complexities of Enterprise Agreements and bargaining processes, ensuring strategic alignment and compliance with Australian employment laws. Your workforce, our priority.

General Employment Law

Understanding employment law ensures workplaces operate ethically and legally. Our expertise at Effective Workplace Solutions ensures your business thrives within legal frameworks, fostering a fair and compliant environment.

Employment Handbooks

We craft comprehensive employee handbooks to ensure clear communication of workplace policies, fostering a harmonious workplace while promoting compliance with Australian employment laws.

Policies & Documents

Crafting precise and effective HR policies and documents is our forte at Effective Workplace Solutions. Our tailored approach ensures compliance and fosters a thriving, legally sound work environment.


Navigating workforce changes is complex. At Effective Workplace Solutions, we streamline the redundancy process for companies, ensuring compliance with Australian employment laws while prioritising fair and respectful transitions for employees.


Navigating dismissals can be delicate. We provide expert guidance, ensuring fair and legally compliant processes. Trust us to handle dismissals with precision, safeguarding your organization and employees.

Award Interpretation

Unlock the complexities of Modern Awards effortlessly with Effective Workplace Solutions. Our expert consultants streamline Award interpretation, ensuring compliance and clarity in every employment facet for your business success.

“Effective Workplace Solutions (EWS) has been a lifesaver for our hospitality venues. Whenever we faced performance or employee issues, they came to our rescue with expert assistance. The team have been professional, reliable, and efficient in handling every situation. Their training solutions have also been top-notch, providing us with valuable knowledge. We couldn't be happier with their continued support. EWS is the go-to for all our employment law needs."

Lisa Traynor, Group Operations Manager, SOPO

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