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HR Small Business Packs

As a small business, Effective Workplace Solutions understand how overwhelming it can be when managing the day-to-day operations. Having access to HR solutions that ensure your compliance with the law and help you confidently manage your employees allows you to focus on what you do best – growing your business! To support small businesses, we have developed a series of HR packs, so you can choose the most suitable pack for your business’ needs.

HR custom pack folder

HR Custom Pack


Do you already have a few policies or HR documents and only need to update or add to your HR files? The HR Custom Pack allows you to select your own policies and documents. Once you have compiled a list and you need certain documents tailored, we will do that for you! Choose from a range of HR policies: •    Anti-bullying & harassment policy •    Anti-sexual harassment policy •    Attendance, absence, & abandonment of employment policy •    Code of conduct policy •    Company motor vehicle policy •    Customer service policy •    Domestic violence policy •    Equal employment opportunity & anti-discrimination policy •    Family responsibilities policy  •    Fitness for work (drug & alcohol) policy •    Gifts, gratuities, & tips policy •    Grievance handling policy •    Information communication technology (ICT) use policy •    Inspection policy •    Leave policy •    Mental health & wellbeing policy •    Personal use of the telephone at work policy •    Privacy policy (employees) •    Remote and hybrid work policy •    Social media policy •    Underperformance, discipline & termination policy •    Whistleblower policy •    Work-related social functions policy •    Workplace surveillance policy Qld or NSW And choose from a range of HR documents: •    Annual review form •    Christmas party checklist •    Employee exit tasks •    Employee induction questionnaire •    Exit interview •    Induction checklist •    Meeting record form •    Performance improvement plan •    Performance review & discussion plan •    Policy acknowledgement •    Position description •    Probation review form & successful probation completion letter •    Probation review form •    Reference check form •    Uniform deposit agreement form Is the HR Custom Pack for you? This HR pack suits small (15 or less employees) businesses that fall into one of the following: •    You have a small or no human resource team •    You are an established small business •    You know exactly what you need to comply with the law •    You know exactly what you need to optimise performance and mitigate risk Price on application Contact us to order your HR Custom Pack. ​

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