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Don’t have time to set up your HR documentation? Then the HR Evolve Pack is for you! We’ll assess your business’ unique needs and customise HR policies and documents just for you!


This package also includes access to our team for up to two hours of consulting advice on any HR or employment law matters with which you may need support.


HR policies

  • Full handbook – We assess your workplace needs and fully tailor a suite of HR policies to suit your business, including conditions of employment, organisational chart and workplace policies and more.


HR documents

  • Position descriptions — 3 roles within the business and developed in consultation with you, and includes an additional blank template so you can create additional position descriptions
  • Letters of appointment templates – fully tailored to suit your business for full time, part time & casual positions
  • Telephone reference check form
  • Induction checklist – tailored topics that should be covered at induction specific to your business
  • Probation review form and successful probation completion letter – tailored to your business so you can communicate with staff that they have successfully completed their probation period
  • Annual review form
  • Performance improvement plan template
  • Meeting record form



  • One hour of additional expert consultation regarding any employment law or HR-related matters – valid for 12 months.


Is the HR Evolve Pack for you?

This HR pack suits small (15 or fewer employees) and start-up businesses that fall into one of the following:

  • Have a small or no human resource team
  • Don’t have time to tailor documents yourself
  • Unsure about workplace rights and legal obligations
  • Have a unique or niche service

HR Evolve Pack

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