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We developed the HR Foundation Pack for small and start-up businesses. Essentially, it’s a human resources toolkit of template policies and documents that provides you with the foundations to manage people within your business.


HR policies
The HR Foundation Pack policies are templates so you can easily adopt them for your workplace—add your company’s name in the blanks and away you go! The template policies in this pack include:


HR documents
The HR documents included in the HR Foundation Pack are also templates; once you add your company’s name, they are ready to be implemented in your workplace!

  • Position description template
  • Telephone reference check form
  • Letters of appointment templates – full time, part time & casual
  • Induction checklist
  • Probation review form and successful probation completion letter
  • Annual review form
  • Performance improvement plan template
  • Meeting record form


Is the HR Foundation Pack for you?
This HR pack suits small (15 or fewer employees) and start-up businesses that fall into one of the following:

  • Have a small (or no) human resource team
  • Operate a business that offers standard services
  • Unsure about workplace rights and legal obligations

HR Foundation Pack

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