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Why Choose Us?

Consultancy companies are known for providing expert advice and solutions to clients across various industries. When it comes to HR and employment law consultancy, Effective Workplace Solutions offers valuable support that can benefit consultancy firms in Australia in several ways:

Expertise in HR and Employment Law 

Effective Workplace Solutions specialises in HR and employment law, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. By partnering with us, consultancy companies can tap into our deep expertise, ensuring that their clients receive accurate and up-to-date advice and solutions.

Enhanced Service Offering

Adding HR and employment law consultancy services to your consultancy firm's portfolio can expand your service offering. This diversification can attract new clients and provide additional value to your existing clientele.

Industry Knowledge 

ur consultancy services cover a wide range of industries, allowing consultancy firms to access industry-specific knowledge and insights. This ensures that your advice and solutions are tailored to your clients' unique needs, whether they operate in healthcare, finance, technology, or any other sector.

Compliance Assurance 

Staying compliant with employment laws is crucial for businesses in every industry. Effective Workplace Solutions provides consultancy firms with the expertise needed to ensure that their clients remain compliant, reducing legal risks and liabilities.


Outsourcing HR and employment law consultancy needs to us can be a cost-effective solution for consultancy companies. It eliminates the need to maintain an in-house HR department, saving on overhead costs.

Strategic Partnerships

By partnering with Effective Workplace Solutions, consultancy companies can establish a strategic partnership. We can work closely with you to provide HR and employment law expertise, allowing you to focus on your core consulting services.

Customised Solutions 

We understand that each client may have unique HR and employment law challenges. Our consultancy services offer customised solutions tailored to the specific needs of your clients, ensuring that you can address a wide range of issues effectively.

Responsive Support 

Effective Workplace Solutions is committed to providing ongoing support and consultation. We are readily available to address your questions, concerns, and emerging HR and employment law issues, ensuring a seamless partnership.

Hiring Effective Workplace Solutions for HR and employment law consultancy services can be a strategic move for consultancy companies. It allows you to enhance your service offering, access specialised expertise, and provide tailored solutions to your clients, ultimately strengthening your consultancy business and client relationships. Contact us today to explore how our services can complement your consultancy offerings.

Case Study

The Problem

The consultancy business faced vulnerabilities due to the absence of up-to-date and compliant employment agreements and essential HR documentation, including workplace policies. This gap not only left the business exposed to potential risks but also led to employee uncertainty regarding their roles and obligations.

Our Solution

Through our comprehensive 'HR health check' audit, we meticulously assessed all of the company's existing documentation and systems. This review unveiled outdated and inadequate practices, which no longer aligned with the business's growth trajectory. We stepped in to facilitate the implementation of updated HR documentation, ensuring the company's HR processes were not only comprehensive but also legally sound.

The result? A robust paper trail that serves to safeguard the business. Today, the company's team is experiencing heightened engagement and productivity. This transformation is attributed to detailed employment agreements that clarify expectations and a set of workplace policies that offer precise guidance on processes and procedures.

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